Memories, we all have them. Memory can be in the form of a photograph or an audio file stored on the hard drive of a computer. Unfortunately, hard drives crash, taking with them a lifetime of precious moments. One thing we all share is the ability to close our eyes and visualize our thoughts. What we see are images stored in the hard drive of our mind, accessible at any moment in time – WIFI not required. Carl Einstein, a German art historian and art critic claimed an artist should open up "to the ability of a picture's power to alter one's vision" and not be degraded by "becoming illustrators of someone else's creation”. My paintings are impressions and interpretations of the natural world and other geographical environments based on memory and a physical response to the environment I live in.

All art begins with an idea, a starting point.  My starting point can be anything as long as it is something tangible, something I can relate to - having a personal connection is key because it allows me to expand upon what I know, make new discoveries, explore unknown territories and build new realities.  Color is my delight and is the means I choose to convey both my philosophy and the mood of my paintings.